Vineyards of Romano and Adamo family are located in the prestigious areas of Cirò DOC, for example:
Feudo, Almeria, Ponta Basilisco, and Difesa Piana. Each area has own peculiarities and characteristic.
Coastal areas convey a lot of the sea climate, other ones located in level ground against the mountains and
set above sea level between 7 and 10 meters, usually have a subsoil formed by thin eroded sediments.
Cultivation are located in Cordone, Speronato, and Alberello, where the wine produced has a full structure
and a persistent olfactive-taste with low alcohol content and low acidity. Periodically, grape harvesting
times and phases are carefully followed in order to obtain, since the very beginning, a high quality level.
Grape-harvesting is handmade to assure that each bunch of grapes is ripe to perfection. Vinification is based
on modern production systems and refinement, but the main task is always to respect and enhance the
product’s natural qualities.

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