Enotria, the ancient name of Calabria, is an area of wine cultivation and wine production. It is a flourishing
and generous land in which history, tradition, nature, and landscape beauties are blended. Our young
company is proud to arise in this area.

This terroir is authentic and unique. It extends on the Ionian coast in the province of Crotone, in specific in the DOC Cirò area, which is the center of wine-producing. During Magna Grecia period, the wine produced in Krimisa (ancient name of Cirò Marina, an ex-Greek colony), was very popular and appreciated.

It was offered to athletes who won Olympic Games.

The producing traditions of this ancient civilization handed down and survived to this days, keeping the same
characteristics. It is also thanks to the progress in production and in wine-making processes.

The geographical position plays an important role because of the temperate climate of the coast and the breeze from the Silano mountains.

This climate allows the vineyards to intensify their own organoleptic
characteristics, perfumes and aromas. Art, culinary arts, and folklore complete this extraordinary and
uncontaminated painting.

A masterpiece that gives to each visitor incomparable emotions and a desire to
discover all the way each of its peculiarities.

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